About The Artist


Accomplished Artist

Vicki White is an accomplished artist, well known in St, Charles, Missouri, for her detailed watercolors and drawings of historic buildings and homes.  She is an award-winning artist and is a member of several Art Associations throughout Missouri.  Her works can be seen in St. Charles in numerous shops and in the Missouri Artists On Main Gallery.


Inspired by Nature

Vicki has a degree in commercial art illustration and chooses many mediums to work with. Oils, watercolors and pastels depict the details of her subjects.  Inspired by the beauty of architecture and nature, her artworks show a versatility of both subject matter and technique that reflects her passionate love for the everyday beauty around her.


Plein Air Painting

Vibrant colors and use of dynamic light and shadow to catch the mood and feeling of the viewer, are her signature style. Painting outdoors in Plein Air competitions is a favorite way to use her talent of light and reflections. 


Commissioned Artwork

Vicki's watercolors and pencil drawings are very detailed, while her oils and pastels are of a more free nature.  She enjoys painting commissioned works of homes and portraits of people and pets.